Medical care for Children Adults and Elderly

providing access to health to the most vulnerable groups through knowledge!

About us?

Key Group Insurance Inc. is part of a business group with 25 years of experience in the management of health plans in latin america, we ventured into the us to serve the community, our success is based on strategic alliances that allow us to serve people in vulnerable conditions, offering quality service through our technological tools and direct approach in territory.

Vision of the Alliance


To ensure access to quality medical services for all, especially for people with limited resources.


Join forces with organizations that have the objective of helping the community to publicize the opportunities that exist in the market to be part of an inclusive and affordable health care system.


Reduce gaps in access to health and improve the quality of life of the community.

Obamacare: Access to Health Insurance

  • Obamacare, officially known as the affordable care act, expands access to affordable health insurance.
  • Benefices: Coverage for pre-existing conditions. wide range of health plans for all needs. subsidies and tax credits to reduce all costs.
  • Audience: Low and middle income people struggling to access health insurance.


Is a medical assistance program designed to provide support to those who face financial difficulties and cannot afford medical services.

Medical assistance for those who are not eligible

We coordinate with clinics and hospitals free care for vulnerable groups that do not have access to the health system..

Medicare: Care for the Elderly and Disabled

Description: medicare is a federal program that provides health coverage to people 65 and older and people with disabilities. Proceeds: Hospital (part a) and medical (part b) coverage. Options for prescription drug coverage (part d). options for prescription drug coverage (part d). Audience: elderly and disabled people, often in limited financial situations.

Our Contribution: Expanding Reach

Community initiatives:

Awareness campaigns  about the importance of medical coverage.

Educational workshops to healp people understand their options.

Personalized assistance:

Health insurance navigators to guide people through the enrollment processes.

Costumer service center to answer questions and provide guidance.

Partnerships with social organizations:

Colaboration with non-profit organizations to reach people in vulnerable situations.

Expected Results

  • Increase in the number of insured persons.
  • Reduced rates of untreated illnesses due to lack of insurance.
  • Greater well-being and quality of life in the community.
  • Reduction of the financial burden on low-income families.
  • Work on the knowledge of your opportunities and how to achieve the best advantage of your coverages.



We appreciate the opportunity to present this proposal, we are sure it is of interest to you considering your work helping the community, and we invite you to join us in our mission to provide access to health for all. Our work is socialized through any community initiative, such as events or as part of the team with a specialized person will be willing to answer questions and provide support.

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